7 Star-Studded World Cup Commercials From Your Favorite Brands

The World Cup is a month of soccer featuring 32 teams from across the world. Millions of people from almost every country watch countless hours of coverage from the tournament, becoming a prime opportunity for advertisers.  Brands work for months on the perfect campaign to unveil on the international stage, and dig deep for creative ways to pique interest in their products. Below, we’ve rounded up seven of the most entertaining and effective commercials from the 2018 World Cup.


Coca-Cola Great Britain | “You Had Four Years”

Coca-Cola is irresistible all around the globe. In their United Kingdom advertisement, soccer fans race to the nearest store to pick up their favorite drink, but don’t make it back to a TV before something big happens in the match. Coke is not only suggesting that their products are the perfect complement to watching the World Cup, but that even though fans forgot to get the drink before the game started, it was necessary. The tag “You Had Four Years” brilliantly tells viewers to stock up so you don’t miss a moment.


Gatorade | “Everything Changes”

Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez are two FIFA household names who, being from top South American national teams, have always been portrayed as frenemies on the international stage. Gatorade’s signature subtle marketing within their commercials subconsciously tells viewers that their drinks power the best athletes in the world. Gatorade does well to hype up the contest between Messi and Suarez while showcasing the friends’ competitive spirits.


Budweiser | “Light Up the FIFA World Cup”

Budweiser’s campaign “Light Up the FIFA World Cup” indicated that the 142 year old company has a global foothold in the sporting event industry, expanding beyond their domestic popularity into 50 different countries.  While Budweiser doesn’t enlist its infamous Clydesdale horses this time, they play off the future-turned-reality drone delivery system to transport its signature beer to the World Cup’s host sites in Russia. Their campaign illustrates the company’s passion for energizing fans while they cheer on their favorite countries and players.


Nike | Brazil

Coming into the 2018 World Cup, all eyes were on Brazil and it’s superstar player Neymar. Nike’s ad for the country echoes the glory of the good old days, inspiring Brazilians and fans across the world to cheer on their favorite team. The commercial’s upbeat tempo coincides with the nationals’ flawless skills to reflect Brazil’s deep love for the sport.

McDonald’s | “Opening Round” (series)

With Russia being anywhere between 7-10 hours ahead of cities in the United States, many games were played during breakfast time. McDonald’s wants America to know that they are THE destination for all your World Cup morning viewing parties, a place to gather with friends and enjoy their (edible?) food. The series also pokes fun at Americans who might be more “seasonal” in their soccer fandom.

Pepsi | “Painting the World Blue”

This playful commercial by Pepsi highlights soccer stars from all over the world playing a game of paint dodgeball, where the colorful bursts match the iconic shade of Pepsi-blue. The refreshing splashes of the drink are intertwined with the match, suggesting that the soda promotes a lively atmosphere.


Volkswagen – “Jump on the Wagen” (series)

Volkswagen liked to remind us daily of the U.S.’s absence in the World Cup. Soccer could be considered the secondary “football” sport across the United States, but there’s no doubt Americans like to jump on the bandwagon of any team that is doing well. “Jump on the Wagen” is a clever slogan that Volkswagen employed to play into the core of the American mindset, while changing the saying slightly to keep your attention on the brand.

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