Twitter is Not Dead: Why Small Businesses Should Use Twitter

Since its emergence, Twitter has been a forum for witty thoughts and viral content. Today, businesses use Twitter as a customer service channel to engage with audiences worldwide.

While Facebook is the leading platform in social advertising and organic posting, nearly 44% of all marketers plan to increase their Twitter organic use in the next year.

Communication and brand exposure to new audiences are only two benefits of using Twitter marketing.

Here are five reasons your business should consider adding Twitter to your social media portfolio.



Twitter conversions

Twitter followers are more likely to make a future purchase after following or engaging with a brand on Twitter. Having a Twitter profile shows consumers that you’re willing to have a conversation with savvy users on the social media network.

You will also develop an image that attracts your potential customers by participating in Twitter.  But remember, communication is a two-way street. Don’t exhaust your audience by endlessly blasting product announcements. Have conversations that engage them while still promoting your company.

You shouldn’t expect sales to pour in as soon as you join Twitter, though. Someone trained on the channel should supervise your brand’s profile so that a misguided effort doesn’t hurt your reputation.


One ear on the ground

Twitter also lets you hear what other people are saying. Hundreds of important industry-related conversations are happening every day and you should be a part of them. Find out what people are saying about a particular topic using Twitter Search, enabling you to keep your ear to the ground about your company.

But if you’re on Twitter, chances are your competitors are too. More than likely, they are keeping tabs on you, so listen in on their social conversations. Having a solid strategy behind your tweets will also help keep you ahead of the game.


The network of networking

customer service

Twitter can also act as a great networking tool. Being on Twitter will give you opportunities to interact with people from all over the world. It opens doors to talk to people you never would otherwise have the chance to meet, like potential business partners.

Real-time customer service

customer service

More than ever, customers are turning to social media to ask questions and give feedback to companies. While receiving negative feedback publicly is unsettling, it gives you a platform to respond and showcase your commitment to customer service.


Certain industries profit from Twitter

twitter success

A wide variety of industries are represented on Twitter. For some, in-person commerce is the most practical way to make a sale. But for others, online purchases have become the norm and Twitter has benefited these industries:

  • E-tail/catalogs
  • Home and office furnishings
  • Home and garden
  • Gifts and specialty

Twitter provides your small business with another channel to inform and engage your customers. Be a part of the conversation that could exponentially grow your business.

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