Reputation Management

People are talking about your business.

Do you know what they’re saying?

If not, it’s something you’ll want to find out.

Why? Because what people are saying about your business online has a direct impact on your sales.

  • 92% of consumers read online reviews.
  • 40% of consumers form an opinion by reading just one to three reviews.
  • 51% of consumers will select a local business if it has positive reviews.

It’s important to be on top of your game when it comes to your online reputation. But how do you know when, where, and what people are saying? Reputation management is your answer.

Reputation Management allows you to take control of your online presence by allowing you to correct your business listings, monitor and manage reviews, observe what competitors are doing, and much more.

We have a way for you to be in control of your online presence and have everything you need to succeed online at your fingertips, all in one place.

Our online reputation management dashboard gives you the option to take control of your online presence, or to have us do it for you while allowing you complete transparency in the process.

This dashboard gives you an overview into the most key elements of your online reputation:

Monitor reviews– Receive an alert the moment a review is submitted on all of the most popular review sites, including Yelp, Facebook, and Google+, as well as a ton of sites that are relevant to your specific industry (e.g., TripAdvisor, RateMD,, etc.).

This allows you to be in the know about consumers experience, before it is too late, and respond appropriately.

Generate reviews – Easily gather new reviews from delighted customers and ensure that negative reviews stay private.

Advanced listening – Find “mentions” from news sites, blogs and social networks so you get the full picture of what people are saying about your business. Keeping these listing consistent and accurate is an easy way to improve your SEO. Our tools allow you to maintain these across dozens of different sites.

Gain Competitor Insights – Monitor what your competition is doing online and build strategies to gain more customers in your area.

Simple social media management – Save time by using one platform to monitor and analyze your social media efficacy.

Executive Reports – Get the high-level view on all aspects of your online reputation through weekly executive reports.

When you’re in control of your digital presence, you’ll have an in depth understanding of what people are saying about your business. This knowledge will help you build a better and stronger online presence.

Get started today by requesting your FREE Snapshot report to gauge the state of your digital presence.


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