Pure Dermatology

Website Case Study

The Client

Pure Dermatology was a print client with our sister company, Starnes Publishing. They decided that they wanted to step up their marketing efforts with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, including digital advertising, social media management, and blogging. Enter Starnes Digital.

Pure Dermatology

The Project

Before we could start any of our other digital marketing efforts, we had to address the elephant in the room: their website. Their old website was not mobile friendly, poorly lacking in relevant copy, and featured a color scheme that just wasn’t right for Pure Derm’s business.

Our team realized that if we were going to start driving traffic for Pure Dermatology, they needed a website that reflected who they were as a company.

Pure Dermatology

The Process

Pure Dermatology is a great example of a website project where the design direction fell into place in the kickoff meeting.

In our initial meeting, I asked the doctors of Pure Dermatology how their patients might describe their office. After listing off words like “calming, “spa-like,” and “soothing,” the doctors said that their interior designer had clearly done her job correctly because that’s exactly how they wanted their patients to feel.

And just like that our design aesthetic was set – we made the decision to bring the DNA of the Pure Dermatology office design through in the website design, getting as specific as finding hexadecimal colors that were as close to the paint on Pure Derm’s walls as possible.

But colors alone do not make a website. In order to further the calming effect of the colors, we chose to utilize a lot of white space, keeping the design clean and modern.

The finished product is a pixel-perfect design that replicates the overall feeling of Pure Dermatology as a business.

Pure Dermatology