The Altamont School


The Client

The Altamont School is a coeducational, independent day school on the crest of Red Mountain, and for several years, they had run advertisements in our newspapers. When they wanted an admissions video to show at recruitment events and to post on their website and social media channels, they asked us to produce it because they already trusted us to deliver good work.

The Project

Altamont enrolls students from 5th to 12th grade, so we knew that our audience comprised parents of elementary and middle school students and families who had recently moved to Birmingham and who were looking for a serious high school. Whether it was being shown at an event or being shared on Facebook, the video needed to capture their attention and generate excitement for the school. The video also needed to take advantage of the school’s beautiful campus and showcase the depth of student-life activity that occurs at any given moment.

The Process

After visiting Altamont and touring the campus, we created a shot list, which was organized by location, such as the diner, gym, greenhouse, etc. When we shared our shot list with Altamont’s marketing director and development director, they added some important locations to it. Even better, though, they put all the locations in order of when we would be able to shoot them on production day, which helped us stay on schedule.

We were able to shoot most of the video in one day, but we went back to the school to get shots during a volleyball game and the 2017 solar eclipse since we were unable to capture those moments in the middle of a regular school day. Once our shot list was complete, we started editing, and we had plenty of great shots to grab people’s attention and excite them, but it still felt like something was missing.

One of the ideas we considered when we first met with Altamont was incorporating their mission statement into the video. In addition to its commitment to academics, athletics, and the arts, Altamont is dedicated to the ideals of “Truth, Knowledge, and Honor,” so when we returned to the idea of featuring the mission statement, it felt like all that attention-grabbing and excitement served a greater purpose.

We scheduled one more production day to go around the school and film various students, teachers, and staff members reciting the mission statement. By using a large cast of speakers, we were able to convey not only the pervasiveness of the mission but also the sense of community that runs throughout the school. And what’s especially neat about this part of the video is that all the teachers and staff members are alumni themselves.

When we delivered the final video, The Altamont School was really happy with it because they felt like it captured the spirit of the school. Even though the video was already able to grab people’s attention and make them excited, this project reminds us that going an extra step can make a big difference.