Hilltop Montessori


The Client

Hilltop Montessori School approached us because they wanted a promotional video to post on their website and social media channels. The head of school, Michele Wilensky, had recently seen a similar video for The Altamont School, and when she contacted them for the name of the agency that produced it, Altamont referred her to us because of how good that experience had been for them. Hilltop was also already a client for 280 Living, so it reinforced their trust in our ability to deliver the results they wanted.

hilltop montessori

The Project

Hilltop had just redesigned its website and discovered they didn’t have any video content to put on it. They needed a video, and they needed it fast. First things being first, they wanted a video that simply told people about the school. In order to do that, the video needed to answer two questions: What is a Montessori school and what makes Hilltop such a special learning environment?

hilltop montessori
hilltop montessori

The Process

After visiting Hilltop to meet Michele and tour the campus, we scheduled a day to shoot and got busy with the script. Early in the process, we established that Michele would read from a script to articulate (1) what a Montessori school is and (2) what makes Hilltop so special. We also collaborated on a shot list because we knew the video footage and motion graphics would underscore the script by actually showing students and the campus.

A good plan makes for even better execution, and we had put together a good plan. As the head of school, Michele knew best how to move through the shot list, which helped us stay on schedule and avoid any unwanted surprises. Plus, she did a great job of delivering the script.

When we finished editing the video, it was really rewarding to hear Hilltop express how much they loved it and how excited they were to share it. For us, this project is a great example of why it’s so important for agencies to have a clear understanding of the client’s desires and expectations because when everyone works toward the same goal, not only can we meet it, but we can exceed it, too.