Varicosity Vein Center
Facebook Advertising

The Client

When we first met with Dr. Duane Randleman, Medical Director of Varicosity Vein Center, he was seeking help with his practice’s digital marketing efforts. Over the years, the local market for his services had become highly competitive as Birmingham’s medical community flourished. Dr. Randleman recognized the need to market his practice digitally to reach potential patients not just in Birmingham, but also in Tuscaloosa, Auburn, and Prattville.

varicosity vein center

The Project

The first half of our meeting consisted of gaining a thorough understanding of his business. After discussing the avenues that bring patients to his practice, we learned of the free vein screenings offered once a month at each of his locations. We recognized the potential of these events, given the appeal of a no-strings-attached opportunity to meet with a medical expert. We also learned that these screenings converted well, and that even negative screenings are considered wins, given the trust they build locally.

The screenings seemed like a slam dunk in terms of reaching new patients and establishing a local presence for each location, but before we kicked off our campaign, they weren’t returning many results.

The second half of our meeting was spent building profiles for Dr. Randleman’s patients. In the digital arena, it’s imperative that you speak directly to your audience in a way that resonates with them. This requires knowing your audience’s goals, fears, desires, and ambitions. It requires knowing what is most important to them.

varicosity vein center
varicosity vein center
varicosity vein center

The Process

After deciding on a long-copy Facebook Ad as the most appropriate method of connecting with new patients, we began crafting copy that would communicate our message in a relatable, personal way. Since the first few words are so important in stopping the newsfeed scroll, we needed something that would pop out. We opted for a “deja vu” effect, with Facebook users doing a double-take as they read the exact phrases that come from their own mouths, usually as replies to pleas for them to “get their legs checked out.”

Following the opener, the copy continues to establish a tone of familiarity. We understand why they don’t want to take time to treat something that they’ve learned to ignore, but we also want them to understand that ignoring the problem could make it worse.

The ad closes with a strong call to action, offering them the chance to take immediate action while they’re focused on the issue. Even though the screenings are regularly scheduled, we chose to advertise the nearest date to add urgency to their decision, effectively asking them to make reach out before they can mull it over and return to old habits.

With any Facebook Ad, the choice of image creative is as important as the copy itself. Thumbs are scrolling and eyes are scanning, so ads need give users pause. This particular ad was speaking to an older, more text-friendly audience, but standing out visually is still crucial.

We wanted to keep our image consistent with the personal tone of the copy. We also knew that we wanted to maintain a clean, straightforward appearance in step with expectations of doctors as figures of authority (no “funny business”). The results were simple, minimal ads that portray a member of their demographic, alongside text emphasizing the main appeal of the ad.

Once our ads were finalized, we began delivering them to each market. We tested our audiences based on criteria that would indicate an increased likelihood of venous disease. We targeted new mothers. We targeted people who worked in professions that require lots of standing (teachers, retail workers, etc.). We segmented each of these by different age ranges to see which ones were most responsive to our ads, and optimized our targeting and budgeting accordingly.

varicosity vein center
varicosity vein center

The Results

The results were immediate and clear. Vein screenings formerly attended only by tumbleweeds were now receiving dozens of inquiries a month, resulting in booked appointments, treated patients, and a very happy client. And the best part? This single campaign is still consistently providing results, month after month.