Alabama Allergy Asthma Center
Branding and Strategy

The Client

Alabama Allergy and Asthma Center (AAAC) began as a client in our print publications. The partnership between Starnes Media and AAAC has grown from a one-quarter-page advertisement in 2010 to a true partnership with both our print and digital services. Our dynamic partnership is focused on building a client base for AAAC.

AAAC has always been a strong print client and understands the importance of using hyper-local, print publications to drive brand awareness. When we launched Starnes Digital, they became one of our first clients. Our initial projects focused on website maintenance and the development of print collateral pieces: business cards, referral folders, signage, flyers, etc…


The Project

As the relationship grew, we won the bid to develop a new website for both AAAC and Clinical Research Centers of Alabama (CRCA). We were also hired to create videos that highlighted the great research that was being conducted by both CRCA and the Food and Allergy Treatment Center.

As we have continued to build trust and understanding of brand, AAAC and CRCA has relied on us to drive leads through search engine marketing and Facebook advertising while we have continued to manage the other aspects of their brand. We then used the data from the visioning session to produce a print campaign that highlights their dedication to their core beliefs as a patient-centered organization.

We have continued to build trust with AAAC and CRCA by helping both clients understand brand management and how it impacts their business. In addition to managing other aspects of their brand AAAC now relies on us to drive leads through SEO marketing and Facebook advertising. Utilizing the data from our visioning session with the company, we produce a print campaign that highlights their dedication to their core beliefs as a patient-centered organization.


The Process

As we began the task of building two new websites for the company, we believed that it was important to understand the essence of the organization. We talked with the owner and upper management, and determined that it would be a great opportunity to gather key leaders in the company and lead them through a visioning session that would ensure that the stakeholders had an opportunity to reflect on their core beliefs. The goal of the session was to create shared vision, common language, and a centralized message.

During the session the members of the team worked individually and collaboratively as they explored

  • Who Are We?
  • What’s Our Purpose?
  • What is Our Differentiating Proposition?
  • What is Our Impact?
  • How Do We Add Value?

The Results

As they engaged in strategically designed activities, they were able to identify common threads in their thoughts, beliefs, and actions. The value of the data generated by the visioning session has been tremendous. Initially utilized in website development, the information from the session has driven the development of a print advertisement campaign, the script for two videos, and multiple digital marketing campaigns.